Our Proven Process For Your Project

If you prefer to watch and learn about the process, scroll down and check out our interview on TVW explaining the design-build-remodel process.

It Stars With A Conversation

START HERE | A Conversation

The road to you dream remodel starts with the first phone call or email. Before meeting at your home in person, we’ll have a complementary call to discuss your project, the needs and dreams you have, and whether you are looking for a Design-Build-Remodel team like us. We’ll also have to talk a little bit about money, because often people just need a ballpark idea of how much to budget, but they’re not necessarily ready to start yet. You might be pleasantly surprised how much we can discern from your photos!

Phase One: Design


Consultation & Budgeting

STEP 1 | Consultation & Budgeting Appointment

The Discovery Call & Consultation Appointment are the first two steps of your project. It is the Discovery Call when we learn of your plans and decide, together, whether we are a good fit for one another. In order for your project to succeed, everyone needs to be in agreement with project goals, budget, timeline, and expectations. If all of these items fall in line, we schedule an in-person consultation and talk about possibilities and solutions, take measurements and obtain any information we need to create a preliminary design.



Preliminary Design

STEP 2 | Preliminary Design

In Preliminary Design, our designer assesses your current situation, asking questions about your ideal space. What currently works and what doesn’t? It is always helpful when clients have gathered inspiration photos. It allows our designer to understand your style and goals, and maybe even pick out elements you may not have realized you like! Your space will be measured and photographed. Next, the designer comes up with multiple design concepts. These sketches are presented, along with ballpark budgets, at the first design meeting. At this meeting, we’ll weigh the pros and cons, change and combine designs, and choose the best solution to develop.


Design Development

STEP 3 | Design Development

In Design Development, we move forward with a singular design, delving into the details. Hand sketches become 3D drawings, sizes are refined, furniture arrangement is considered, and the ballpark budget is updated. Excitement builds as the vision becomes clear.

Phase Two: Planning


Selections & Estimating

STEP 4 | Selections & Estimating

The next step in the process, Selections & Estimating, is what moves your project from design to realization. Your project management team will assist in your selection process, sending you to showrooms, providing expertise, and keeping you informed on budget. Our process is designed to minimize the stress of selecting finishes, and help you gain confidence in your choices.

Alongside selections, we will hold a subcontractor walkthrough at your home. This allows our trade teams to produce accurate estimates and provides extra sets of skilled eyes, preventing surprises and change orders down the line. We then finalize the budget for your project.


Contract Signing

STEP 5 | Contract Signing

To prepare for the contract signing, we’ll do all final preparations in the design documents. We get them ready for building permits, and you’ll verify selections, to finalize the budget. The schedule will be prepared with start and finish dates agreed upon. The contract is signed, a deposit is paid, and you’re on the way to construction!



Construction Preparation

STEP 6 | Construction Preparation

During Construction Preparation, you might feel like you are doing a lot of waiting. The fact is, in the background we’re getting building permits, issuing special orders and PO’s, finalizing the schedule and securing all the expert trade partners. Before we start, there will be a handoff meeting to the Lead Carpenter in charge of your project, which you’ll know well during construction!


Phase Three: Construction


Construction Begins

STEP 7 | Construction Begins

Excitement! Anticipation! Demolition! Carpentry! Drywall! Trim! Cabinets! Before starting, we protect your home and install dust control provisions. It’s a busy time as we progress day by day and week by week. You’ll make payments as work progresses, and meet with your Lead Carpenter, Designer, and Production Manager from time to time to stay abreast of the project.



On-Time Completion

STEP 8 | On-Time Construction Completion

Our team will be sure that the project is done all the way, and that it’s done RIGHT. It will be on-time, on-budget, and more beautiful than you imagined. You’ll have a handoff meeting with the Lead so that you know how to operate the features of your home. You’ll have a meeting with Abe to celebrate all the beauty you’ve asked us to create. We’re even known to present a personalized gift from time to time.



Follow-Through & Promises Kept

STEP 9 | Follow-Through & Promises Kept

When the job is completed, we won’t disappear. You can count on receiving the documentation from us guaranteeing that everyone down the line has been paid, and all the manuals and warranties that have been collected for the products in your home. But it’s more than that. You’ll hear from us proactively checking in at 6-months and 1-year to be sure that there’s not any warranty work we need to take care of. We also want to help you celebrate! Ask us how we can help you host a cookout, wine and cheese party, or whatever suits your taste. We’d love to be a part of helping you show off your amazing home to your friends and neighbors.



Want to hear exactly how this works? Check out this interview on TVW where we break down the process for you.